Rick Boutilier

Born in Canada, I left not long after finishing high school to go to college in Bermuda. It was there that I was introduced to open ocean yacht racing.

In the Caribbean I began working in the large private yachting industry… the beginning of a career surrounded by the most lavish and extravagant things that the billionaires could buy. A few of them had a little taste. My first yacht, however, was completely decked out in Marc Chagall. This was my first experience being up close and personal with a world-renowned artist.

Several yachts and Picassos later, I ended up spending a decade with the owner’s of a yacht that I had been hired on. I was to move from the yacht as their Chief Steward to become their travelling personal assistant. The amount that I learned about the arts from this couple continues to amaze and inspired me wherever I am in the world, especially by the sea or in nature.

In my capacity I became the curator of their Modern Art collection. I was handling William Scotts, Lucio Fontana’s, Auerbachs. British Modern Artists,, as well as French, Italian and any other nationality that inspired. The common thread was simplicity and intensity.

Rick Boutilier Artist

Rick Boutilier

My painting began after a visit to Thailand in 2012. Inspired by my trip I joined an Art Class simply for the pleasure of it. I started on simple art paper with acrylics and would only use black, white and blue paints. Of the 40 or more that I did in this class, all of them are now adding to the living spaces of people that liked them.

In 2014 it was time to graduate to canvas… what a difference!! I loved it immediately! I love still using simple colours and themes and am passionate about texturing.

I use brushes, scrapers, tooth brushes, my fingernails, clumped up cellophane, sponge, a near by tee shirt…. Whatever is at hand and just keep going until I like what I see.

I am not by any means a professional artist, but if I can create something that others would like to adorn their living space, then though I am not a professional artist, I’m a happy chappy!

I hope an image or two that you see on this website may inspire you to let me create something unique and bespoke for you….

Much love…

Rick Boutilier RBB Art