Interior Designer

I found many people that were looking for an interior designer. Condominium or apartment accommodation accounts for a great deal of the dwellings of most cities and can be somewhat characterless. Add some art and they come alive!

Those large expanses of white walls are calling out for some decoration. These blank canvasses can be brought into life with the addition of some custom / bespoke art pieces. Better still by commissioning your own art from me I will work closely with you to ensure that you create exactly the personal environment that suits you.

I am happy to offer my interior designer services and can also draw on the expertise of others who I have come to know and trust over the past few years. Together we can create the living space that you dream of.

From ultra modern to antique, your style can be catered to.

If you are interested in discussing some interior design ideas I would be happy to have a chat.

Rick Boutilier RBB Art

Interior Designer Chiang Mai